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The Art of Photography

October 12 - November 3, 2019

Gallery Hours: Tuesday - Sunday, 10:00-4:00.

Closed Mondays

About Us

The Borrego Art Institute (BAI) is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization with the goal to inspire and enrich the community of Borrego Springs by offering a venue for the public to experience, create, and enjoy all forms of art.

Our distinctive campus features the Gallery, the Pottery studio and workshop, the ArtFarm gardens, the KidsArt programs and our on-site Restaurant, Kesling's Kitchen all in the heart of Borrego Springs’ core business district at Christmas Circle and Palm Canyon Drive. A community resource and gathering place, The BAI is an important catalyst for adult and children's education, participation, art appreciation, and a great meal.

Please join us for classesshows and other events, and as a member. If you are an artist, a resident, a visitor, a family, an art lover, or simply a curious explorer, we look forward to welcoming you!

What's New at BAI?


OPENING RECEPTIONS have changed starting with the October show. Previously the receptions were open at no charge to the public. Due to the high costs for food incurred at each show opening  and a need for sustainability, receptions will remain free for BAI members and participating artists but non members of the Borrego Art Institute will be charged $5 per person from 5:00-6:00 pm. There is no charge after 6:00 pm. BAI staff and volunteers will be manning a table at the door to greet visitors, sign up new members, and collect fees. 

KOREAN TAICHIYOGA  is being offered in the gallery Wednesday evenings, 5 to 6:15 pm. Bring your friends and join in for an evening of wellness.

New Membership Levels added to BAI

The Borrego Art Institute now has six membership levels to accommodate our diverse community. Prior to August 1, 2019, BAI just had a basic membership for $50 per year. Now we offer membership levels for students ($25 per year), Individual ($50 per year), Family (two adults per household, $75 per year), Contributing ($125 per year), Supporting ($500 per year), Premier ($1200 per year). 

Benefits for each group are as follows:

Student, Individual, and Family memberships include no fee to enter art in shows (except Plein Air Invitational), discounts on workshops, complimentary access to demonstrations and seminars, complimentary hors d'oeuvres at gallery art openings.

Contributing memberships include all of the above plus family membership, 10% discount on BAI Boutique merchandise, membership in North American Reciprocal Museum Association.

Supporting memberships include all the benefits of a Contributing member plus an invitation to the Annual Membership Appreciation Reception.

Premier memberships include all of the benefits of a Supporting member plus their name on Gallery Recognition Wall. 

Becoming a member or changing your membership level is as simple as going to the menu bar at the top of the page and clicking on join us, scroll down to becoming a member and follow directions. 

Our Gift Shop has  new work arriving daily and sales have been brisk. It's a good place to pick up those unique one-of-a-kind art pieces for which we have become known.  

Spring has come to the ArtFarm

A BIG Thank You to everyone who attended the volunteer meetings and helped with spring plantings!  The garden is set up nicely with all the raised beds, and a new in-ground bed, fully planted.  As soon as soil temperatures rise a few degrees we will fill in with seeds and prepare additional vegetable beds between the orchard rows.  Speaking of the Orchard...

Nectarine trees are in bloom and Apple, Peach, Apricot, Fig, and Pomegranate are all starting to bud!

Please stop by the garden, find beauty in the vegetables, photograph the orchard blossoms, and lend a hand.  There are plenty of opportunities for watering, weeding, general upkeep, and very soon - harvesting the spring vegetables.  Starting the week of February 11th we will be rebuilding the water basins for each of the trees and improving the soil.  It's an exciting time to become involved in the development of the art farm - if you are able to volunteer, please send an email or stop by and say hello!

Beets and carrots from the winter growing season

Calling all Tractor Owners!  ArtFarm needs the ground tilled for row crops between the orchard trees.  Do you or a neighbor have a small tractor or tiller to lend?  The area is prepped and it will take less than one hour with a small tractor.  The ArtFarm vegetables will be forever grateful - Please email or stop by to find out more.

On a smaller scale, the ArtFarm continues to rely on your generosity for its success.  Please take a look at our current donation list and if you have some extra supplies at your home and no way to get them to the garden, we are happy to pick up.  Thank you for your support! 

  • Planter trays for seedlings 
  • Organic potting soil 
  • Vegetable seeds 
  • Tiller  
  • Bow rake
  • Garden Spade
  • Round point shovel
  • Flat transfer shovel 
  • Garden sprayer
  • Gardening hand tools 
  • Pruning tools 
  • 5 gallon buckets 
  • 10’x10’ or larger tarps 
  • 2’ poultry fencing 
  • General repair tools (measuring tapescrew drivers, hammer, wrenches, pipe wrench, PVC cutter, etc.) 
  • Tool box – medium size 
  • Shelving and hooks for inside the sheds 
  • Hoses and attachments 
  • Drip tape and irrigation supplies (like new condition) 
  • Surplus PVC and fittings (any sizes that may be left over from home projects) 
  • Wheel barrels 
  • Garden carts 
  • First aid kit 
  • Pots (disposable, plastic and terracotta) 
  • Outdoor chairs / bench 
  • Compost bins
  • Hose reel 
  • Wash sink faucet 

Larger projects are also underway and being supported through donations.  If you are interested in becoming a supporter of a larger project, please let us know!  These projects include: 

  • Vegetable wash station 
  • Green house 
  • Lath shed 
  • Perimeter fence 
  • Succulent garden 

Current and Upcoming Events at BAI

Kesling's Kitchen is OPEN EVERY DAY. To see the current menu, go to the restaurant tab and click on current menu in the drop down menu. The restaurant is open every day, 11:00 am to 9:00 pm. 760-767-7600.

Fresh Fish Frydays: Chef Tom has added a menu of fresh fish and seafood on Fridays and folks are giving it rave reviews. The menu will change a bit each Friday based on what fresh fish Chef selects for delivery from San Diego. Kesling's regular menu will also be available. 

Kesling's Kitchen Catering: Book your party trays from our great catering menu. Go to the Restaurant tab and click on Kesling's Catering in the drop down menu.

Be sure to check out Kesling's Art Wall. Each month (except in the summer) a new artist will be featured in the restaurant on the wall between the gallery and the restaurant. Our Featured Artist for October is Borrego artist Wil Gardner.

The Pottery Mural Project 

Funded by a matching $10,000 grant from the National Endowment for the Arts, the  Pottery has enlisted community involvement in creating a mural on the outside South wall of the Borrego Art Institute building. The mural celebrates the arts in Borrego Springs. To follow along with the story of the mural, click on The Pottery.

2019/2020 SCHEDULE

For information on the Pottery schedule, call, text or email Jill Sullivan at 760-285-7145,

The Pottery Studio is located adjacent to the High School swimming pool on Cahuilla Road off of Borrego Springs Road. During school hours, anyone new to the pottery much check in at the school office. Find us under the big blue canopy. 


BAI art teacher Leslie Duncan and the art program kids decorate the Pagaent stage each year.  See story under KidsArt


Our BAI supported Photography program at the Middle School, taught by Tom Hogan, one of our BAI volunteers and a professional photographer, will continue in the 2018/2019 school year. The class completed a video, Big Little Town, which was shown during the Borrego Film Festival in January 2018. To view the video, turn up your sound and click on  



Sandra Reed (individual)...Borrego Springs

Carla Nyssen (individual)...Los Angeles, CA


Kathy Miller  (individual)...Joshua Tree, CA


Timothy Mielcarek (individual)...Palm Desert, CA

Mary Leahy (individual)...Concord, NH

Kathy Mangum (individual)...Pasadena, CA

Lulu Peelle (individual)...Borrego Springs

Astrid Webb (individual)...Borrego Springs

Laurie Mauser (individual)...Bayview, ID


Elaine McVey (contributing)...Borrego Springs

Ben Nourse (family)... Borrego Springs

Laura Alioto (individual)...San Diego, CA

Dennis Nourse (family)...Borrego Springs, CA

Ellen Sweet (individual)...La Jolla, CA

Don Britton (individual)...Murrieta, CA

Jeni Bate (individual)...Salton CIty, CA

Kathleen Cook (family)...Ramona, CA

Richard & Marcella Yates (family)...Borrego Springs, CA

Sally Linden (individual)...Needham, MA

Pamela Hiltunen (individual)...San Diego, CA

Phyllis Welch-Stovall (individual)...Ranchita, CA 

Linda Cianciolo (individual)...San Diego, CA

Robert Higgins (individual)...Seattle, WA

Warner Graves (individual)...Cathedral City, CA

Gayle Reynolds (individual)...Oakland, CA

Garret Wood (individual)...Irvine, CA

Beth Hart (individual)...Borrego Springs

Petar Barbaros (individual)...Chula Vista, CA

Marcus Phares (individual)...Borrego Springs, CA

Eric Suchman (individual)...Vista, CA

Kim Simas (individual)...Julian, CA


Kati Cowan (individual)...Escondido, CA

Roberto Chavez (individual)...Whittier, CA

Jan & Bob Krasowski (family)...Borrego Springs

Nancy Nixon (individual)...Ouray, CO

Melissa Stahlberg (individual)...Cherry Valley, CA

Jimmy & Judy Smith (family)...Borrego Springs

Jackie Larsen (individual)...Borrego Springs

Laurie Brindle & John Case (family)...Borrego Springs

Kevin Wixom (individual)...Julian, CA

Vincent & Julia Michel (family)...Borrego Springs

Jenise & Michael Buckner (Supporting)...Borrego Springs

Bill & Suzanne Lawrence (family)...San Diego, CA

Cristin McVey (individual)...Borrego Springs

Sarah Rogers (contributing)...El Cajon, CA

Renate Nishio & Mike Rogers (family)...Borrego Springs

Toni Williams (individual)...Solana Beach, CA

Greg Schorer (individual)...Borrego Springs

Vanessa Rusczyk (individual)...Poway, CA


2018/2019 Donations:

Ron Wheatly: Photographic Supplies for the Kids Photography Program.

Vanessa and Richard Rusczyk: $500 towards the Gallery.

Borrego Springs Art Guild: $150 towards Kids Art Program.

Anonymous: $500 towards Pottery Mural

Martha  Duskin-Smith: $1000 towards Pottery Mural

Lorraine Phillips...$50 towards the Gallery

Dennis and Sharon Nourse: $5,000 for additional gallery movable walls and lighting. 

Anson Construction: $1200 for landscape maintenance

Dr. Michael & Marilyn Kelley: $1000 which will be used for gallery improvements and for KidsArt.

Borrego Springs Rotary: $2,000 towards Kids Art Program.

L. Chan - Veronese Studio: $625 (from sale of donated art) towards the ArtFarm.

Borrego Springs Rotary: $1,000 towards Middle School Photography Program.

Borrego Springs Art Guild: $150 toward Kids Art Program.

Vanessa Rusczyk: $500 towards BAI improvements.

Dennis and Sharon Nourse: $1450 for Plein Air awards.

Mary Kaplan: $100 towards BAI operations.

Ronald and Ulla Barr: $500 towards BAI General Fund

Borrego Springs Art Guild: $500 towards Kids Art Program

Robert & Audrey Zinser Charitable Foundation: $1000 towards the Pottery Mural Project

El Shelden: $1000 towards the ArtFarm community garden project

Dennis and Sharon Nourse: $3250 for Gallery Patio gates.

Carol & Henry F. Hunte: $5,000 for general support.

Diane Johnson:   $750 to sponsor gallery wall

Anson Construction: $1200 Exhibit Sponsor (Latino Show)

Richen Design:  $750 to sponsor gallery wall

The Borrego Art Institute thanks all of our donors for their support of our organization. Donors are an important and vital part of our ability to sustain and grow such a wonderful asset to our community.

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We invite you to join us to participate in the excitement at the BAI. If you would like to receive announcements and info about our activities, please Register with us. If you would like to contribute your time and talents to BAI, you can become a Volunteer. As a donor-supported organization, your financial support is appreciated and needed. We welcome your tax deductible donations, and we now accept memberships. Click on the Join Us tab below and then click on Become a Member.

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